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Decorate Christmas gingerbread cookies

Various icing patterns, aromatic chocolate glaze or sweet additions - these are just some of the ideas for decorating Christmas gingerbread, which the youngest will be able to meet during family workshops at Auchan Shopping Centres in Gdańsk and Rumia. On Saturday, December 4th, under the watchful eye of snowflakes, children will decorate spicy cookies, which will then decorate the festive table. Free entrance.

Decorating Christmas gingerbread with snow-white frosting and sweet accessories is one of the most popular Christmas customs. On Saturday, December 4th, during family workshops in the Pomeranian Auchan Shopping Centres, the youngest, under the supervision of Santa's helpers, will decorate spicy cookies.

Young confectioners will have at their disposal aromatic gingerbreads in various shapes, which will be delivered to Christmas workshops from a professional bakery. During the meeting, children will be able to decorate cookies in the shape of a star, Christmas tree, Santa Claus or snowman with sugar, colourful sprinkles, dried fruit and chocolate. Christmas gingerbread decorated in this way, packed in small packages, can be taken home. Their tasty spicy aroma will surely make the waiting for the first star even more pleasant.

Family gingerbread decorating workshops will take place on December 4th from 12:00 to 18:00 in Auchan Gdańsk Shopping Centre at 3 Szczęśliwa Street in Gdańsk and at  Port Rumia Auchan Shopping Centre at 108 Grunwaldzka Street in Rumia.

Free entrance.