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Have fun with us!

There is a lot going on during the holidays! We have prepared a lot of attractions for children who will visit us with their parents on Saturday, August 6th! This is a great opportunity to have fun together and meet your favourite fairy tale characters! Children of all ages will find something for themselves!

Automotive enthusiasts will find something for themselves. Matchbox cars that have inspired great adventures for generations await them. Saturday's meeting in our Shopping Centre will be a great opportunity to play with cars from various collections and themed sets.

Playing puns in the air will also be a lot of fun. This is a version of a popular game where one person draws passwords in the air while the rest of the team sees the picture on the screen of a tablet or phone and guesses its hidden meaning. Participants of the meeting will also be able to visit the colourful balloon madness zone, where they will be able to make animals and fabulous creatures from balloons.

Fans of fashion and the world of Barbie dolls will also find something for themselves in the summer program!

In a special Barbie zone, you will be able to design and make fancy doll clothes and for a moment feel like a professional designer or fashion designer. It will also be possible to record a movie with choreography to the music of Barbie EXTRA. Before the performance, the animators will characterize little female artists.

We invite you on August 6th  from 10:00 to 17:00. Free entrance!