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Cowgirl and ballerina

From 07-03 to 07-04
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Wojas spring-summer 2023 collection focuses on the harmony of hot trends straight from the catwalks and reinterpreted classics. After the cold months spent in boots and boots, we dream of lighter styles of footwear. Loafers, ballerinas, pumps and sandals are waiting to be invited to our fashionable wardrobe. The last image campaign of the Wojas brand increases the appetite for seasonal novelties. Elegance intertwines with comfort, and simplicity with expressive details. The common feature of all models is a unique style. The western couture trend is not slowing down! Texas rodeo shoes have taken the world's fashion shows by storm, and now they will quickly hit the streets. Wojas suede cowboy boots decorated with ethnic embroidery are a real hit! Inspired by the classic country style, they fit not only with jeans, but also with airy dresses.

Designers of the Wojas brand pay a lot of attention to loafers. Classic car shoes are, above all, comfort for the feet. Lords on delicate soles combine comfort with style. Loafers and moccasins on the post, which are often paired with a platform, are part of the canon of elegance. Metal buckles remain the most characteristic ornaments.

Strong competition are ballerinas - an inseparable element of Blair Waldorf's styling. Inspired by dance pointe shoes, flat slippers are practical and chic. Polite and coquettish at the same time. It's impossible not to like them. In the Wojas collection, the simplicity and minimalism of the form are contrasted with a bit of drama. Still the most coveted style, Mary Jane slippers feature higher heels and a wider platform this spring. Putting them on right away, you can feel like you're at the top of the fashionable world!

They add height and lengthen the legs. A fan of this model, Lady Gaga, knows it well. Stylish contouring! Round and square toe caps are all the rage right now, but pointed toes are popping up in droves. We will find them in pumps and ballerinas. Remember they have power of slimming not only the legs, but also the whole figure. Heels are characterized by diversity. In the pumps we will find ultra-feminine pins, but also stable posts or blocks. Among the former, it is impossible not to pay attention to black slippers with a golden cast. The elegant colour contrast refers to the art deco style loved by designers. These shoes are exquisite and eye-catching, but devoid of unnecessary ostentation.

Sandals, of course, have a large representation. There are two opposing trends here. Delicacy versus strong look. Models with thin stripes and coquettish ones fastened around the ankle were contrasted with functional cuts - on flat soles or thicker platforms with notches. From the trend novelties, it is worth paying attention to clogs that have not been seen for a long time. On wooden sandals and flip flops are designed on the bottom. These are undoubtedly seasonal statement shoes!

There is no end to appetite for sneakers. In the spring, in addition to the sports classics, many bolder models with thickened soles appear. The palette of collection colours includes beiges, reds, creams, whites and blacks. Attractively presenting both in matte suede and grain or patent leather. We are tempted by spring pastel purple in shades of lilac flowers. A stronger accent is red - sharp and dry. If you care about a mega effect, we advise you to choose a metallic glow. Wojas designers use the noble lustre of gold and silver in many models.

The texture makes the bags unique. Embossing imitating crocodile skin, effective intertwining and geometric quilting. Lots of models as always. Capacious shopper bags, messenger bags on a chain, elegant clutch bags, ethnic bags. Trend hunters will probably choose a small bag with dark nickel-coloured fittings, on which a visitor from the world of insects has perched ...
Wojas men's collection is, above all, the desired comfort. Suede loafers in Italian style on soles with cut-outs and studs, this time decorated with metal buckles and colourful tapes. Lace-up shoes have a casual character rubber soles and slip-on slip-ons. Sneakers are still in trend. This season there are more models in iconic white and with a thicker bottom. Admirers of a bold look will be pleased with a unique novelty - boots inspired by punk fashion. There were also open models. Sandals and flip flops combine chic simplicity and functionality. Supporters of more formal stylizations will find classic shoes and leather loafers among the proposals. Designers use subdued colours of black, white, navy red and beige. But in the men's palette there will also be noble chocolate brown and pastel blue. Among the men's accessories, capacious rucksack bags, briefcases, messenger bags with a shoulder strap and waist packs attract attention.



Women's and men's COMFORT line is 100% comfortable. Ladies will love college-style loafers. Among the top novelties that are a combination of comfort, orthopaedic support and high fashion, it is worth paying attention to flip flops on cork soles. For men, Wojas designers offer lace-up shoes with a flexible sole inspired by iconic sneakers. A feature of the footwear from this line is exceptional lightness. The comfort of wearing is also ensured by special insoles for foot cushioning LIMITED EDITION - the image line of the Wojas brand - offers us real pearls. Fashionistas will find here interpretations of hot trends that allow them to be a step ahead in the fashionable world. The Mary Jane slippers, which became the object of desire after the movie "Sex and the city", are a hit. This season, however, the model goes to the next level! Platforms are accompanied by much higher heels. The hit of Instagram and Tik Tok also has a chance to become a lacquered mini bag with a wide strap.

The economical CODE30 line is the intended balance between an affordable price and high quality of the product as well as a fashionable design. Crafted from goatskin velour, these ballerinas are microfiber lined and almost as light as pointe shoes. In women's proposals, we will also find slip-on shoes with a flat sole, distinguished by an openwork leather texture. Among the colours - black, navy blue, light brown, two shades of beige. The luxurious PREMIUM LINE by Wojas combines classic design, undeniable quality and craft tradition of footwear production. New models joined the series of nine unique men's formal slippers this season. Representing a masterpiece of shoemaking, the line has been extended with women's cuts, adding class to elegant stylizations and being a symbol of prestige.

RELAKS is a line that owes its origin to snow boots that are an interpretation of the model from the 70s and 80s, now has its summer version. For lovers of true comfort, he offers lightweight knitted sneakers called sock shoes. But the iconic model is the pool flip-flops. Attention, it is not designed only for swimming enthusiasts! They will also work as an alternative to sandals in combination with trendy outfits. We've seen them at almost all shows. Trendsetters love them. You must have them. Rubber flip flops are also available in a men's version. All of them have in common the line's characteristic logo inspired by a hockey stick. add this event to your calendar

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