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Maxi boots and comfort on wedges

From 23-08 to 23-09
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The new Wojas autumn-winter 2021/2022 collection combines hot trends and modernized classics.

Shoes are not only an accessory, but an element that plays the main role! This is clearly illustrated by the latest Wojas campaign, where it is them, and not the styling of the models, that attract attention. The company's designers not only interpret global trends, but also attach great importance to the exceptional quality of footwear, for which customers value the brand very much.

The centre of gravity moves down! Soles are gaining importance this season. The hottest hit are platforms and exaggerated chunky soles, often rubber and with a marked tread. They appear not only in massive motorcycling shoes and workers, but also in Chelsea boots, boots, loafers and sports models. They also work well in elegant slippers, where the disco-style platform is accompanied by a solid block heel. The advantage of all these seemingly "heavy" styles is not only comfort. They add a few centimetres of height and optically slim the figure! The trend called neo grunge combines inspiration from rebellious punk style, preppy elegance with a touch of gothic atmosphere of the 90s.

The avant-garde, knee-length maxi boots are a real hit. Fitted like a stocking - the beloved model of Ariana Grande - or with a slightly wider, musketeer upper. They can enhance any styling. The fall-winter 2021/2022 season, however, is one of the snow boots indispensable in our climate. Practical and effective at the same time, they defeat the rules of the dress code, because we perversely combine them with airy dresses.

The queen of colours is definitely black. Neutral tones have returned to favour: creamy white, a palette of light beige, and brown, red and broken green inspired by nature. There is also navy blue and red. The gloss of grain or patent leather is intertwined with a noble suede mat. Important elements are lacing and metal details - zippers, buckles, decorations, studs, tags and chains.
Handbags follow two equally top trends - mini and maxi. The biggest object of fashionistas' desire will certainly be a small baguette bag. But there will also be larger and therefore more practical shoppers, hobos and bags.
The novelty is the effective, structural interweaving of the leather and geometric quilting. Very fashionable draping and ruffles have also found their way from handbag dresses. Here the Wojas designers treat leather like a fabric! Chains, eye-catching fittings, strings and (attention!) Patch pockets are eye-catching. The neutral colour palette is broken by the presence of red, pink and pastels.

Men's footwear collection tempts with a multitude of models of still super-fashionable sneakers. They are elegant in their minimalism, have a retro look or clearly show inspiration from a functional trekking style. Designers have not forgotten about the classics that never go out of fashion. You can choose between Chelsea boots, elegant ankle boots and less formal lace-up boots. The colours are calm. Black, navy blue, brown and military green. But we also find stronger accents - hot red, expressive blue or burnt yellow. add this event to your calendar

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