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MINI FIRST STEPS - new products from the BARTEK brand in Wojas stores

From 20-09 to 20-10
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Don't wait to take the first step. Give your child the best.


We often hear from parents and grandparents - it's not worth spending on shoes, because the child will grow out of them quickly. And did you know that research proves: over 90% of babies are born with healthy feet, and every 4 older child has foot and knee defects. A significant part of them are defects and ailments acquired due to wearing incorrect footwear. A child's foot is particularly susceptible to the effects of non-physiological footwear. The principle of "prevention is better than cure" is of particular importance in the case of children.

That is why BARTEK brand, in cooperation with doctors, has created the MINI FIRST STEPS line, especially for children who learn to walk. The shoes are adapted to the needs of delicate children's feet. They have a special Thomas heel according to the instructions of orthopedic doctors, and the arrangement of the tread grooves is anatomically compatible with the bending lines of the fingers, which results in even better softness, flexibility and elasticity of the shoes. For the production of a light and flexible two-colour sole, we used compounds with special properties and obtained the effect of greater resistance to abrasion and anti-skidding. This solution significantly increases the child's safety level - the sole is non-slip.

Thanks to the use of very soft, natural leather, as well as a special construction and innovative sole, the shoes are extremely light, soft and flexible, and at the same time extremely stable, because we know that every first step should be helped. The model has a special anti-allergic and anti-fungal insert that protects against unwanted guests in shoes, such as dangerous allergens, fungi and microorganisms. Thanks to the use of selected natural leather, the shoes are like a second skin - they breathe and protect the foot.

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