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From 08-03 to 08-04
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"Babel" by Rebecca F. Kuang

The author of the best-selling "Wojny makowe" returns, this time taking us to the gloomy 19th-century Britain.
Oxford, 1828. Orphaned by the once raging cholera, Robin Swift, after years of intensive education in foreign languages, ends up at the prestigious Royal Institute of Translation at the University of Oxford. This place is considered the world's most important translation unit and ... a centre of magic.

This title takes part in the "second book -50%" promotion.


"Bez hamulców. Ostatnia prosta" by Aleksander Pakuła

Until yesterday, Karolina wanted to get rid of the label of a perfectionist and a reserved 40-year-old woman who does not do certain things, and ... start living. Until yesterday, she wanted to drown out her mind and give her heart a chance, stop putting herself off until tomorrow and love Nicki. However, today everything has changed. The ex-husband appeared on the horizon, and the media circulated information about a tragic accident. Tomorrow? It's emptiness. All the more their common tomorrow.

Discover the end of this extremely passionate love story, which many believed had no right to succeed.

"Bez hamulców. Ostatnia prosta" takes part in the "second book -50%" promotion.


"Córka z Włoch" by Soraya Lane

Sunny Italy just after the end of World War II. It is then that Estee and Felix's fiery romance takes place. When he asks her to marry him, Estee refuses. As she tells him as he leaves, "I don't want you to propose to me until you're really free."

"Córka z Włoch” is the first of the planned 8 parts of the new Soraya Lane series. A heart-rending story about great love and even greater wealth, following your heart and discovering your own identity.

You can buy Soraya Lane's novel at  Świat Księgarnia. This title is available in the "second book -50%" promotion.


"Cudowne lata" by Valerie Perrin

Adrien Bobin, Étienne Beaulieu and Nina Beau are students in one class in a primary school. At first, they are connected only by the same letter of surnames, sounding in turn every time the teacher reads their name. However, over time, they become closer and their friendship blossoms. This condition lasts for many years. The three friends decide to support each other at all costs in their common dream of moving to Paris and devoting themselves to music.

"Cudowne lata" takes part in the "second book -50%" promotion.


"Dzień nastania nocy. Część 1" by Samantha Shannon

Tunuva Melim, sister of the Order, has been preparing for fifty years to fight the wyrms - but since the defeat of the Nameless One, none have appeared in the world. The young generation begins to question the legitimacy of the Order's existence. The dragons of the East have been dormant for centuries. Dumai resides on Seiiki in a mountain temple whose worshipers are trying to awaken the gods from the Long Sleep - but someone from her mother's past is coming to meet her.

"Dzień nastania nocy. Część 1" is an epic story set in the world of "Zakon Drzewa Pomarańczy".".

You can buy the book at Świat Książki Bookstore.


"Klucz Sary" by Tatiana de Rosnay

Her name was Sara and she was only ten years old when one night in July 1942 she was brutally roused from her sleep and taken with her parents from home. She thought she would be able to get back quickly, so she hid her little brother in a secret compartment behind the wall. Meanwhile, like thousands of other Jews, she was taken to the Vel d'Hiv cycling stadium in Paris.
More than fifty years later, when American journalist Julia Jarmond writes about those terrible times, she still sees little Sara and her little brother in her mind. Against all odds, he decides to explain what really happened in Paris on that tragic night in July. But what she doesn't realize is that this search may cost her much more than she realizes and change her life forever.

You can buy "Klucz Sary" at Świat Księgarnia. This title is available in the "second book -50%" promotion.


"Ognisty Medalion” by Carl Montenero

Art historian Ana García-Brest receives a message from Martin Lohse, a man she met while searching for the painting "The Astrologer" attributed to Giorgione. An Italian magnate has been murdered and a treasure of great power is in danger: the Hiram Medallion, a magical relic that belonged to the architect of Solomon's Temple. No one knows where he is now and Martin needs Ana's help to find him.


"Przędza. W poszukiwaniu wewnętrznej wolności" Natalia de Barbara

In conversations with her friends, in the stories of the participants of the workshops conducted by the author, in the letters from the readers of "Czuła Przewodniczka", the theme of life in entanglement, life not your own, keeps coming back. It evokes a sense of great loss, of some complete nonsense. Then there is indignation. And - finally - the hope that we can meet and that this meeting will be important. An encounter leading to a journey in search of inner freedom - not the kind of freedom that someone would give you, but i.e. hey that can be found inside you.


"Spisek, czyli kto nam wszczepia czipy i inne popie***one teorie" Tom Phillips, Jonn Elledge

With the passion of real researchers, the authors deconstruct conspiracy theories, explaining their origins and what made them go viral.
You can safely treat "Spisek…" as a kind of manual for distinguishing real information from information noise sucked out of your finger. Get it now and, as Philips and Eledge tell readers, "avoid falling down the rabbit hole."

"Spisek, czyli kto nam wszczepia czipy i inne popie***one teorie" is taking part in the "second book-50%" promotion.


"Zaklinacz" by Donato Carrisi

The investigation team, which includes young police officer Mila Vasquez, is led by profiler Dr. Goran Gavila, an expert in finding missing children. They both realize that they will have to face a sadistic murderer who gives clues to the perpetrators of subsequent crimes - the so-called decent citizens.

However, Mila and Goran have no idea how perfidious the game played by a mysterious opponent is. And they don't know that in this game they are also assigned a specific role.

"Zaklinacz" is taking part in the "second book -50%" promotion.

-50% on the second book

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