Spring collections already in our stores!


Spring is just around the corner! Fully prepared for the arrival of the merriest season, we introduce spring collections and encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our stores.

Longer days and more sunrays, i.e. spring around the corner! Light fashions, lush colors and flowery patterns await everyone weary in winter. New collections are already available for sale - we invite you to visit our gallery and take advantage of the rich offer.

This season, popular colors are classic beige, sunny yellow, coral or shiny metal, and in the proposals for women there will be no frills, hats, bows and selected elements popular in the 90s, i.e. oversized jeans or colored prints. There will be something for fans of the classics, so there will be plenty of elegant jackets, camel trench coats and universal black.

We invite you and wish you good hunting!