We're going to the Netherlands! - travel workshops


We start the summer trip with a trip to the Netherlands! The travel workshops that will take place on July 13th  will allow small explorers to learn about the culture and customs of one of the Benelux countries.

Colorful tulips, ubiquitous bicycles, thousands of windmills and funny clogs are just some of the curiosities associated with the Netherlands. Workshops from the series " Mali podróżnicy " will provide the power of entertainment for children with various tastes. The program of the event includes workshops on creating windmills, language classes and traveling stalking.

Participants of the course will be wandering "finger on the map", discovering facts and myths related to the Netherlands, and the trip will traditionally be taken by children of young travelers: Lola, Mela and Kiko parrot. Children learn about the tradition of the national holiday of the Netherlands - "Koningsdag", meaning the King's Day, and also find out why orange is a symbol of the state. There will be plenty of games and games referring to the Dutch tradition.

The acquired knowledge and skills will be checked during the travels of the children, during which the children will have to solve thematic puzzles and crosswords. Participants will also receive stickers that will be added to the small travelers' diary.

Travel workshops will take place on July 13th from 12.00 and 14.30. Free admission.

We invite you to come!