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Promocja w salonie Księgarnie Świat Książki

Od 17-05 do 17-06
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"Antyerotyk" by Gabriela Gargaś, Anna Matusiak

Two writers and friends, Kama - a liberated single woman who enjoys the charms of life and men, but is really looking for true love - and Pola - a married woman with two children, in a seemingly perfect relationship that has long since entered routine and boredom - decide to write together erotic, because, as you know, erotica are in the price, and they want to finally publish a bestseller. However, it turns out that working on a book is not so easy after all...

You can buy "Antyerotic" at the Świat Książki bookstore.


"Arcydzieło” by Tom Hanks

In the crazy, multi-threaded story of the creation of a certain film, calculated in advance to be a box office hit, the author reveals secrets that none of the people working on the set would ever reveal, because simply ... no one would believe it. What is fiction and what is a true memory of the legendary actor and director? Through the lens of the camera, the author not only shows the madness and magic prevailing on the set, but also perfectly outlines the changes in American culture since World War II. He doesn't hide his love for film, showing its light and shadows on every page of this epic novel about people for whom the film set is a separate, slightly crazy universe.

You can buy the book in "Second Book -50%" promotion at the Świat Książki.


"Atlas. Historia Pa Salta" Lucinda Riley, Harry Whittaker

The final part of one of the most famous drama series of recent years. Each of the sisters has already discovered her true story. The former fate of their father, however, is still a mystery to them ... What secrets from the man's past will come to light in the latest (and the last in Riley's career) part of "Siedem Sióstr"? How will Pa Salt's past affect the future of women? This time all cards will be revealed.

The book takes part in "Second book -50%" promotion.


"Felix, Net i Nika oraz Zero Szans 2. Inne jutro" by Rafał Kosik

Juvenile romance? A novel about Artificial Intelligence for (not necessarily) those who like SF? Humorous manners for nerds? A travel adventure for those not interested in All Inclusive in Thailand. A tech thriller for every tech amoeba? In fact, it's a little bit of everything, which is the latest part of "Felix, Net and Nika" by Rafał Kosik (remember that this is a continuation of Felix, Net i Nika oraz Zero Szans 2).

A great dose of exoticism, secrets, adventures, troubles, heart complications and reliable humor await you.

You can buy Rafał Kosik's latest novel at the Świat Księgarnia in the "Second Book-50%" promotion.


"Inna dusza" by Lukasz Orbitowski

Based on true events, the novel is more than a story of violence. Orbitowski captured Poland in the time of transformation with incredible meticulousness, making a vivisection of the behaviours and mechanisms that guided people in the new reality. The nineties have been stripped of sentiment here. These are the times of dirt, fall, unfulfilled dreams, but also great hopes.

Another Soul, published almost a decade ago, turned out to be a great literary event and established Łukasz Orbitowski as one of the best writers of his generation. Long unavailable, it finally reaches the hands of readers.

The book takes part in "Second book -50%" promotion.


"Miłość w cieniu słońca" by Katarzyna Grochola

The touching story of Harriet and Andrew. She - a liberated artist, just after the trauma of separation. He - a corporate employee, full of fears and limitations from which love heals him. They had a unique feeling in every respect. Sudden, risky, impossible. Full of passion and dramatic twists, after which they both revaluate their own lives.

You can buy the book at the Świat Księgarnia bookstore in the "Second book -50%" promotion.


"Perełka. Seria Rodzina Monet. Tom 3. Część 1" Weronika Marczak

The third book in the best-selling "Rodzina Monet".

Cruises on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, a quick trip to the Canary Islands, a spontaneous trip to Niagara Falls, a ride in the Hollywood Hills, dinners in the best restaurants. And although Hailie still confidently says that life is not all about pleasures, she is increasingly willing to admit that enjoying them really tempts her. Even if you have to pay a very high price for some privileges.

You can buy "Perełka" at the Świat Księgarnia bookstore. The book takes part in the "Second book -50%" promotion.


"Podwójna katastrofa. Cykl Piękna katastrofa. Tom 3" by Jamie McGuire

The eagerly awaited continuation of "Piękna katastrofa" - an international bestseller and publishing phenomenon.
A story full of passion and passion about the further turbulent fate of a very good girl and a very bad boy and their passionate love, which was born against common sense.

The book takes part in "Second book -50%" promotion.


"Powrót do domu” by Kristin Hannah

Unpublished novel by Kristin Hannah, the author of the world-famous novels "Słowik" and "Winter Garden". 

The private life of the world-famous doctor Madelaine Hillyard is far from ideal. A loving but overworked single mother is constantly arguing with her teenage daughter. Lina is desperate to find her father, who passed away before she was born.

Is it necessary to confront the pain and wounds of the past?

The book is available at the Świat Książki Bookstore in "Second book -50%" promotion.


"Pożegnanie dobrej zmiany" Jacek Dubois
Four extremely biting, ironic, black humour stories in which the author - Jacek Dubois, a lawyer known for his sharp and extremely brilliant language - deals with the current world of "great" Polish politics. He presents this world to us in a distorting mirror, leaving no one dry. It's time to say goodbye to "good change".


"Wyspa zaginionych dziewcząt" by Alex Marwood

Alex Marwood's new disturbing thriller. A story taken straight from the headlines.

Rich, powerful and uninhibited men from high society and young, beautiful girls unaware of the terrible fate that awaits them...
The novel combines the drama of the TV series "Sukcesja" with the scathing wit of the series "Biały Lotos".

The sparkling waters of La Kastellana are no match for the depth of the dark secrets this place holds.

"Wyspa zaginionych dziewcząt" takes part in the "Second Book -50%" promotion.


"Zakładnicy piekła" by Marcin Szymanski

One New Year's Eve night, three friends decide to return to hell from which they have just returned. One of them is Marcin, who after a few months spent in the south of Afghanistan as the commander of a combat group, decided to start another adventure in the place from which he had previously wanted to get away.

Świat Książki Bookshop, where you will find the book, is located next to the self-service checkouts. The book takes part in "Second book -50%" promotion.


"Zatoka Francuza" by Daphne du Maurier

"Zatoka Francuza", a fiery feeling with a great history in the background.

17th-century British mansion, reign of Charles II Stuart. This is where Lady Dona St. lives every day. Columb - a lady-in-waiting, a bit tired of royal surroundings and intrigues. When her life becomes unbearably monotonous, the woman decides to go to distant Cornwall. In the depths of his heart, he dreams of breaking out of the social bonds of expectations and throwing himself into a whirl of adventure and passion.

The book is available at Świat Książki Bookstore in "Second book -50%" promotion.

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