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С 19/06 По 30/06
On the occasion of the upcoming Father's Day of the Centre, we invite you to the campaign of free preventive examinations! On Saturday, June 19th from 10.00 to 18.00 in our Shopping Centre, men will be able to perform tests, the results of which will allow to assess the state of health and physical condition.

At special stands in the shopping mall passage, it will be possible to perform an ECG test, check the blood supply to the lower limbs, test the level of cholesterol and glucose in the blood, measure the saturation and heart rate, and calculate the BMI index. Each examined person will receive a summary of the results in the form of a medical questionnaire. The doctor present on the spot will interpret the tests, and a dietitian will tell you how to stay fit and fit.

The campaign of free preventive examinations is an opportunity to learn more about your health and take the necessary actions to protect yourself against serious cardiovascular diseases.

The examinations and consultations are free, and you do not need to register in advance to take part. The action is organized in cooperation with Telemedycyna Polska S.A.

We invite you to come!