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Ekocuda made of upcycled wicker


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Ecological handicrafts made of upcycled wicker will be created by seniors as part of the next classes in „Active and creative senior” series, which we invite you to on April 22nd  from 12.00 to 17.00. Participating in workshops on creating new items from things that have already been used is rewarding and contributes to reducing the amount of waste. It is also a great opportunity to spend time with people who are passionate about creating handicrafts. Admission is free.

The technique of upcycling wicker consists in cutting out strips from various materials, e.g., old colourful newspapers, paper bags or plastic bags, and then weaving them in a way similar to traditional wicker. During Saturday’s classes at Port Rumia, seniors will learn how to make baskets and boxes from such a braid, perfect for home trinkets.

During “Active and Creative Senior” workshops, participants learn various handicraft techniques and have the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas, learn from each other and develop their skills. Classes are an ideal way to spend time in a creative way, enrich your life with new skills and make new friends. Participation in the creative workshops is free of charge, participants receive all the tools needed to make decorations on site, and after the classes they can take their handicrafts home as a souvenir.

Next meeting for seniors next month. On May 20th, participants will create macrame trees. It is worth taking the time for this exciting activity.