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Gdańsk Labor Office invites you

from 26.01 to 26.01

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Are you an employer, looking for a job, or maybe you want to open a company? Come to an information meeting with experts from the Gdańsk Labor Office. We invite residents of Gdańsk and the surrounding area to a unique information meeting to be held at the Auchan Gdańsk Shopping Centre on January 26th.

The event is organized by Gdańsk Labor Office for people looking for a job, considering changing their career path, or thinking about starting their own company.

During the meeting, you will be able to obtain information about current job offers, professional development opportunities and available career paths in Tricity. Experts from Gdańsk Labor Office will provide individual advice and answer any questions regarding the labour market.

Employers will have the opportunity to learn more about support programs offered by the Labor Office, such as subsidies, training and internships. They will also be able to ask about the benefits of employing unemployed people and about support in the recruitment process.

People interested in starting their own business will receive information about available forms of support, including training, business consulting and possible funding. We will also talk about the challenges and benefits of being an entrepreneur.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to expand your professional horizons and discover new opportunities on the labour market. We are waiting for you at Auchan Gdańsk on January 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

See you!