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Invite spring home!


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Before the buds of trees and shrubs turn green, we can create a spring mood at home thanks to colourful decorations. During the next creative meeting for seniors in our Shopping Centre, you will be able to make spring wreaths with Easter motifs. You can hang a handmade decoration on a door or place it on a table.

The classes will take place on March 18th from 12.00-17.00 in our arcade. Free entrance.

Colourful pieces of linen and jute, strings and yarn will be used to create colourful decorations, which the workshop participants will place on the hoops. The resulting decoration base can be decorated with flowers, colourful pompoms and various decorative elements. There will be no shortage of Easter-themed extras. Thanks to this, compositions will be created that, placed on the table or hung on the door, will bring a festive mood to the home interior.

Workshops as part of “Kreatywny senior” series in our Shopping Centre are an opportunity to meet people of a similar age who are interested in art and like to make decorations by themselves. Participation in the creative workshops is free, and participants will find all the tools needed to make decorations on site. The next opportunity to take part in the series will appear on April 22nd, when during the meeting it will be possible to make ornaments and items using the upcycling method.

We invite you to spring workshops!