Seniors paint winter landscapes - GDAŃSK

Seniors paint winter landscapes

from 17.02 to 17.02

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Winter has many faces this year. On Saturday, February 17th, during the next meeting in the “Active and creative senior” series, participants will be able to try their hand at painting and reflect the beauty of nature. Winter landscapes can be made with acrylic paints. Free classes will start at 12:00 and last until 5:00 p.m.

Auchan Gdańsk Shopping Centre invites you to another meeting from the “Active and creative senior” series. This time we have prepared an interesting proposition for painting enthusiasts. During the classes, paintings painted with acrylic paints will be created. The classes are free of charge, and participants will have at their disposal the materials necessary to paint a picture.

Whether the paintings will be created faithfully reflecting the beauty of nature, or perhaps abstractions, will depend solely on the taste of the painters. Participants can also count on professional advice from the presenters on the topic, which will allow them to transfer their passion into the image they create. The created work can be taken home to become a wonderful decoration or given as a gift.

Participating in creative workshops is an opportunity for seniors to meet people with similar interests and develop their passions. Painting workshops are also an opportunity to try new forms of artistic expression.

The next classes in the “Active and creative senior” series will be held at the Auchan Gdańsk Shopping Centre on March 16th. During the classes you will be able to make Easter decorations from wooden sticks.

The meeting from the Active and Creative Senior series will take place on February 17th, January 2019 at the Auchan Gdańsk Shopping Centre at Szczęśliwa 3 in Gdańsk.